1. Sales Improvement

Boost Sales Performance by Building a Top-Tier Team

Your sales team drives your success. However, most teams rush to fill open sales positions, prioritising speed over quality. When these new hires fail to meet targets, it can be challenging to quickly identify and address performance issues, leading to prolonged periods of inefficiency and sub-optimal sales results.

By leveraging our detailed performance analysis, you can ensure you're hiring and retaining the best talent to consistently achieve superior results.

Our 5-Step Sales Improvement Plan

1. Data Collection: We gather key performance data for current salespeople over the past 12 months to define your current Sales Performance Curve (There is no fee for this analysis). If the potential improvement is substantial (15%+), we proceed.

2. Behavioural Analysis: We collect personal and behavioural data from selected salespeople using CVs and two survey tools to assess preferred work behaviours and habits. This includes biographical data, qualifications, experience, tenure, achievements and career success.

3. Data Correlation: We correlate the behavioural and biographical data with sales performance metrics to identify patterns and insights.

4. Result Analysis: We analyse the correlated data and develop an improvement plan focusing on:

  1. Exiting underperformers who are unlikely to improve.
  2. Developing high-performing salespeople to understand and replicate their success.
  3. Enhancing the recruitment model to hire candidates with greater potential for success.

5. Ongoing Tracking & Adjustment: Implement the improvement plan and continuously track sales KPIs, making adjustments as needed. Key KPIs include:

  1. Percentage of salesforce achieving quota (measured monthly, year-to-date).
  2. Percentage of sales managers achieving team quota (measured monthly, year-to-date).
  3. Breakdown of salespeople by performance categories: 100%+ of target, 75-100%, and below 75%.
  4. Percentage of new salespeople consistently achieving monthly targets within expected development time.
  5. Average weeks to full performance for new salespeople.
  6. Average tenure of successful, unsuccessful and new salespeople.
  7. Average performance per salesperson.

The Sales Improvement Program is designed to optimise your sales team's performance by leveraging data-driven insights and targeted strategies. 

By identifying and nurturing top talent while refining your recruitment process, we help you achieve sustainable growth.

Ready to transform your sales team? Contact us to help you drive significant improvements in sales productivity and success.

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