3. Effective People Decisions (EPD)

Empowering Organisations with Data-Driven, People-Centric Solutions

You and your teams are busy. Managers often prioritise achievements and productivity over potential and getting to know the true strengths of their team members. This approach can lead to ineffective solutions and can be quite costly. 

By analysing important track record and behavioural data, we aim to address people issues and ensure successful outcomes in hiring, promoting, developing and team-building processes.

We've built a reputation for precisely evaluating each person’s capabilities and compatibility, ensuring every team member is seamlessly aligned with present and prospective roles.

It’s important to understand the full spectrum of your team's capabilities and potential. 

You need data on each person’s potential. The EPD Programme will give you valuable insights for improved performance and engagement.

When the right people are in the right jobs, you can maximise their impact and foster a thriving work environment. But to do that, you need to understand them first.

People Management Empowered by Actionable Data Insights

Investing in getting to know your people empowers you to make informed decisions, driving better performance and engagement across your entire organisation.

We build a database of the role and people information for your organisation during an agreed implementation phase.. This data serves as a valuable resource for making informed decisions in recruitment, development, management and retention. 

We help you build an insightful data resource including…


  • Detailed organisational charts categorised by division, department or team and maintained permanently for instant use.
  • Comprehensive employee lists containing first and last names, job titles, department names, supervisor names and email addresses.


  • Thorough reviews of existing job descriptions.
  • Identification of behavioural requirements essential for successful job performance.
  • Establishment of a baseline for the habits, conceptual fitness, time management and attitude expected from future colleagues in each role.


  • Compilation of CVs and concise CV summaries for each team member.
  • Assessment of each person’s behavioural preferences compared to the behavioural requirements of their current or potential roles.
  • Evaluation of each person’s habits, conceptual fitness, time management and attitude against any baseline in the company.

Strategic People Consulting

With your comprehensive people data, you get support in making better, more effective people decisions. You’ll have access to a consultant to personally collaborate with your leaders and people managers on proactive people management. Together, we'll establish a tailored schedule of work aligned with your priorities.

We’ll identify and address current gaps, opportunities, strengths and challenges for each role and team. Your consultant will help you facilitate annual team discussions with each manager to drive targeted actions in recruitment, promotion, transfer decisions, performance challenges, career and succession planning, conflict management and talent development.

The best part is you have the flexibility to request discussions with your consultant at any time to address specific people issues or decisions as they arise. Your communication preferences will be accommodated to ensure seamless support tailored to your needs.

This comprehensive approach ensures that your organisation has access to up-to-date and relevant data to support effective decision-making and drive success.

Effective People Decisions data and consulting services include:

  • Unlimited access to discuss people challenges and decisions
  • Compilation of a people database including assessments, CV summaries and behavioural reports for all existing team members
  • The assessment of up to 5 short-listed candidates per open role
  • An annual people review with each manager to review challenges, goals and recommended actions
  • Thorough reviews of existing job descriptions 
  • Comprehensive employee lists and detailed organisational charts

Ready to maximise your team's potential and foster a thriving work environment? Contact us to discover how our consultation programme can reshape your people management strategies.

Monthly People Insights For Your Team
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