We help leaders and managers to make effective people decisions. We do this by identifying capable and suitable applicants and employees who perform exceptionally while remaining engaged and committed for the long haul. 

Our commitment to accurately assessing capabilities and suitability, coupled with our dedication to building long-term client relationships, sets us apart in the industry.

Established in 2008, we’ve been providing comprehensive people solutions to organisations. After starting with personal reports, our suite of services expanded to recruitment, consulting, team assessments, and sales improvement. We're proud to maintain ongoing partnerships with leaders and managers who have trusted us throughout their careers.

Meet The Team

We use our system and assessments to hire our own people who are focused on providing friendly and professional service to all of our clients.

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Steve Rogers
Managing Director
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Mona Bufacchi
Finance & Administration Manager
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Merchell Snyman
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Nakita Mountjoy Knoetze
Sales & Service Administrator
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zelda Schoeman


How do you service organisations in different countries?

Our service is entirely online and we have customers across Africa, in the UK, China and Australia. We meet online as required and supply video reports to summarise findings and recordings of meetings for future reference.

Will my personal data be safe?

Absolutely. Your data is for internal usage with your permission and will be deleted upon your instruction.

How do you measure the capabilities of people and their suitability for different jobs?

We use job descriptions, CVs and the results of 2 surveys that measure behavioural preferences and habits. We triangulate this data to conclude that an individual is the right or wrong person to be recruited, developed, promoted or retained, depending on your objective. For senior or C-Suite roles, we use more advanced psychometric assessments to assess cognitive and other competencies relevant at this level.

How do I know your services work?

Good question! We started our business in 2008 and have worked with over 150 clients across multiple countries and sectors. Our first client remains our client today, 16 years later. We welcome any request for references. Our approach is to work in the best interests of the individual and the organisation and to provide transparent feedback to both employees and their managers/HR.

Do you offer general HR services such as labour relations, training, outsourced payroll and so on?

No. We believe that would distract us from our core mission which is to assist our clients to make effective people decisions. Organisations who recruit, develop, promote and retain engaged and capable people who are suited to their roles are more likely to succeed and flourish. That’s the difference we like to achieve.
Monthly People Insights For Your Team
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