5. Management Team Assessment

Unlock the Potential of Your Management Team

In today's competitive landscape, your success hinges on the collective strength of your management team. You have to ensure your top team is filled with high achievers and exceptional talent. To do that, you need to understand their potential. 

We help you do that through our Management Team Assessment. We provide comprehensive feedback and actionable insights, empowering you to develop the capacity of your management team to deliver their mandate.

We focus on the 3 building blocks for understanding each team member’s potential:

Track Record Analysis: Using the CVs of each team member to examine their qualifications, experience and competencies.

  1. Behavioural Preference Assessment: Finding out how each team member approaches tasks, people management and innovation, then categorising them into 4 unique styles: Execution; Management; Leadership and Individualist.
  2. Habit Assessment: Examine the habits, conceptual fitness, task efficiency and attitude of each team member, gauging their impact on team dynamics and performance.

Together, these three pillars provide invaluable insights into your team's potential, ensuring each team member:

  • Has the necessary qualifications and experience
  • Effectively navigates uncertainty and risk
  • Is adaptable to challenges and responsive to change
  • Demonstrates ownership, problem-solving abilities, and proactive goal pursuit
  • Takes a proactive approach to collaboration, conflict resolution and task management

At the heart of our service lies a simple truth: top performers build top teams. By ensuring your management team comprises A Players, you're safeguarding against the risks posed by B and C players. Ensuring your team contains a high % of A Players, propels your organisation forward with confidence. 

You can transform your management team into a powerhouse of success. By analysing track records, behavioural preferences and individual assessments, we help you build a high-achieving team.

Ready to transform your management team? Contact us and discover how our top team assessment can elevate your organisation’s performance.

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