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Routine and Discipline

I Was Provoked…

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We live in the PC age.

How tedious is it to watch videos like this one?

Over the last 30 years, we’ve become a planet of precious and small minded people hell-bent on exerting our rights. But we’re not terribly good at taking responsibility for our actions.

Sadly, her parents decided to defend her behaviour: “She was provoked.”

I must remember that next time a taxi cuts me off. I’ll drive him off the road into a ditch. When the police arrive, I’ll indignantly shout: “He provoked me!”

It’s a dead end. I feel sorry for the young lady who threw the book at the teacher. Her self-righteous attack on the teacher will not serve her future.

Building a successful life, family and career is about discipline and routine:

  • Discipline: The habit of working in a highly disciplined way with adherence to structure, rules, regulations and time-frames.
  • Routine: the habit of behaving according to set structures and behaviour patterns.

If we are not prepared to accept our places (student, subordinate, son, daughter, learner, newbie, manager, leader, boss, parent) in different life phases, we then have to hope we have massive talent to make up for our poor discipline and refusal to knuckle down to the many daily routines that govern our lives. Whether we like them or not.

The good news (Ed – as usual …) is that we can measure these habits and evaluate their impact on a team’s performance. Let me know if you’d like to find out more.