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Evaluate The Human, Not Only Their Education

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We live in a country characterised by inequality. The Gini coefficient suggests we remain an unequal country in terms of family income distribution.

One of the most important drivers of income is education. Many South Africans count themselves lucky to get a Matric and a small percentage (11%) have achieved some form of post-secondary school qualification.

Does this mean the end of the road for your career?

Absolutely not!

There are many other drivers of success and when we look at the track record of a person, the following factors are also important.

Is there any evidence of:

  1. Involvement: in sport, NGOs, hobbies or any other activity that could reveal latent talent?
  2. Learning: short or certificated courses indicating technical competency
  3. Consistency: has the employee/candidate built some experience and competency in an industry or have they hopped from industry to industry? Tied to this: do the job titles make sense: junior to senior to supervisor to manager or is there no pattern: they consistently get a job, any job, anywhere? Then lose it.
  4. Tenure: besides industry hopping, is there evidence of sticking to a job for 2-5 years at a time or a pattern of job-hopping every 1-2 years?
  5. Progress: does it look as if the individual is making headway in their career or is their CV a patchwork quilt of unrelated jobs and industries
  6. Achievements: has the individual achieved anything anywhere? We can’t all be Elon Musk, but we can all try to achieve something somewhere.

So, education is important, but if we miss out on education for any number of reasons, we must build a career anyway. We shouldn’t dismiss people just because they’re missing one piece of paper from their CVs. We should look beyond the paper earned at 18 years old and evaluate the rest of the human being.

Especially in a country suffering such high levels of historical inequality, ongoing political stupidity and a massive leadership vacuum on all sides.

What do you look for in your employees or candidates? I’d love to know.