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Do You Chase Customers Away Without Realising It?

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I view life through the prism of behaviour and almost every day presents another chance to witness the results of the wrong person in the right job. It’s so amazingly common.

We enjoyed a cooking course a while back. We prepared the food and then enjoyed the fruit of our labour on the stoep outside with a few glasses of wine.

One of our party hadn’t booked on time but decided to come along for the ride anyway. So when we arrived, we started with drinks and snacks. Our table could comfortably seat 10 but we were only 9. Dave joined the table and, as informal extroverts often do, quickly found himself in conversation with a few people (He was careful not to eat the snacks or drink the sparkling wine!)

But our teacher for the day found out there was an ‘extra’ at our table. In true formal, rule-bound introvert style, he suggested Dave leave and go down the road to a café.

Technically, he was right. Dave was an unpaid ‘extra’ hanging around. But given the venue was not over-full, how much easier to say: “If your table doesn’t mind, would you like to join us, it’s R500 for the day?” Dave would happily have paid and, knowing Dave, he would have sung the praises of the school across Joburg! That’s what informal extroverts do.

This stuff is really simple, but if you leave your customers in the hands of (what looked like) assertive, by-the-book, introverts, you’re going to find yourselves with customers who say “Whatever!” and don’t come back.

The good news, of course, is that we can measure these things quickly.

Let me know if you’d like to find out more. For just R4,950 (USD495)* per applicant or potential promotee (Ed – no such word!), you can save hundreds of thousands in wasted salaries, training, institutional costs, management time and lost business.

* Prices subject to change and currency fluctuations. Correct as at 19 Feb 2018.