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It’s all about performance

It’s All About Performance

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I met Roger Knocker, CEO of KPI Management Solutions before he started his business. Coincidentally, we both started our businesses in 2008.

We are very different people: Roger is quite reserved, steady, detail and quality driven, a thinker, an IT boff and an accountant to boot. And I’m not.

It took us 5 years and a few chance meetings to discover we had a lot in common.

Ten years on, it’s taken the views of co-directors and trusted external advisors to distil a multitude of conversations, presentations, client relationships, meetings, proposals and projects into one word.


  • I profile people, write personal reports for individuals, recruit capable people for clients, run workshops, analyse jobs and advise leaders on people issues.
  • Roger and his team analyse data, build incredible models using smart tools, train people and assist clients to uncover valuable insights in their financial and business data.

We sound like we’re on 2 different planets.

But we both have one purpose: to assist our clients to manage and improve performance.

Using that simple mission, it’s made us aware that it’s too easy to get lost in the software, tools, various models, training and consulting methods we use.

The question for every person alive should be: how do I assist my family, employer, organisation and clients to manage and improve performance?

Of course, we need to define performance first.

It’s not just about # of widgets produced or Dollars made. Performance in the 21st century has to take on a far broader and inclusive meaning than the definitions that brought us the 2008 crash, the Steinhoff fiasco or the disastrous Zuma era.

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