January 2018

Are You Boring, Lazy Or Stupid?

Impatient people tend to be critical of patient people.

Instead of adjectives like steady, calm, relaxed, stable and consistent, they might use words like slow, stupid, lazy, dull or boring.

This is patently unfair.

The world revolves around the successful operation of millions of systems. These systems are developed, perfected, operated and improved by patient people who take the time to think things through.

Without patient people, a lot of the systems and services we rely on would break.

How about the paramedic, fireman, doctor, nurse, teacher, ambulance driver (any driver for that matter), lifeguard, security guard, policeman, bookkeeper, accountant, pilot, air traffic controller, air steward, professional sportsman and woman, psychologist, counsellor, help desk operator, ICT programmer, tool and die maker, machinist, machine minder, dietician, pharmacist, shop assistant, receptionist, waiter, cleaner, plumber, electrician, gardener, PA, researcher, miner, data analyst …

There are thousands of jobs that require patience and/or attention to detail and/or a preparedness to work for the team or the greater good.

Business owners, leaders, managers and supervisors need to understand the requirements of the work they manage in order to understand how to manage the people who excel in these jobs.

Failure to do this results in poor performance and staff turnover unnoticed at the top. 


Because these same people expect leadership and they don’t see it as their place to question its absence. They lose interest and then one day they leave for reasons unrelated to the truth.


Featured image courtesy of Mark Lord Photography
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